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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Wedding Ceremony: 4:00pm

Wedding Reception: 5:00pm


The Roundhouse

2 E Main St

Beacon, NY 12508


Amy & Laura’s story started like most do in the 21st century…online.


 Amy and Laura started communicating but had only a brief conversation as both thought the other person was boring at first. 


However, one fateful evening, the two reconnected over a funny snapchat story and found they had a lot more in common than they originally thought. This led to 6-hour phone calls, virtual dates, and copious numbers of memes sent back and forth. This lasted months until they finally met for their first date at a zoo in Abilene, Texas. 

 Laura hit a curb as she was pulling in to the restaurant and at that moment, Amy knew she would be the one driving in their relationship. 


From that point on, the two of them shared countless amazing weekends together, as well as long distance phone calls. 


Amy invited Laura on a trip to Colorado, where they spent 5 days discovering the beauty of CO, scouting out views, visiting with family and friends, driving up a dangerously steep road by complete accident and went hiking.. where laura slipped and fell multiple times… 


Somewhere in the middle of Colorado they both fell completely in love with each other. Maybe it was something in the air, the number of times laura slipped or the near-death experiences.. but these two became inseparable. 


They kept the long distance going for a while until Amy explained that it was almost unbearable to live without Laura and her homemade food, therefore moving in together was inevitable. 


The two later found a home in Fort Worth, Texas where they resided for almost 4 years as a family of 3 - Laura, Amy, and their dog Paxton. This home is also where they became a family of 4 after welcoming a second puppy, Jules. Fort Worth was home to many other life-changing memories. Especially their recent engagement that Amy had planned out and executed gorgeously.


In January they bought their first house together in Stratford, CT, and made the big move to the east coast, making them much closer to family and friends. They have enjoyed their time so far in Stratford, exploring, spending time with family and utilizing the beaches.  


They just celebrated their 5 year anniversary in June and are very much looking forward to celebrating their wedding with beloved family and friends!

The Round House,
2 E Main St, Beacon, NY 12508, USA
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Due to limited space, we are unable to extend the invitation to your children. 

Please attend in Black Tie attire.

Parking accommodations are available at the venue.  There will be no shuttle provided.

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